Guidelines & Policies

Initial process to get on any waiting list is:

1. Fill out puppy application and I will email puppy contract to you. Please email back to me with a copy of your DL , wait for approval to send deposit in.

2. Head over to my website and hit the BUY NOW button which will trigger a $500 deposit. The deposit is non refundable but can be moved to another litter for up to a year.

Important Puppy Choosing Information:

We have decided we will be choosing puppies in person again, as we have done this in the past prior to Covid.

However, due to the risks associated with Parvo, K9 Influenza and distemper we will be implementing strict procedures and guideline, this will ensure your puppy is healthy.

Only families with a $500 deposit will be allowed to come and choose a puppy, we ask that only immediate family attend the puppy choosing/pick up.

When the puppies are 8 weeks old they will be ready to go to their forever home!! We will do Puppy choosing/pick up on a Saturday or Sunday. Families will be assigned an appointment time based on when their deposit was received. You will be notified of the scheduled day/time when the puppies are 4 weeks old, this should give families enough time to ensure they are available for their scheduled appointment day/time.

First appointment will be at 9 am, every family will get 30 min to choose a puppy. Please be prepared to take your new family member home THIS day.

If you are late during your choosing time; that time will be deducted from your 30 min. If you arrive after your 30 min scheduled choosing time you will be moved to last pick. Unfortunately we have to keep going and be cognitive of other families scheduled time slot.

Because of the high risks associated with Parvo, K9 influenza and distemper we will not do any home visits or coming to look at puppies. As a breeder our number one priority is to ensure that our families being home healthy puppies.

When you arrive at:

Our home we will also have special procedures about shoes and jackets.

We also ask that you not visit ANY dog stores or puppy parks 14 days before coming to pick out your new family member.

Also, if anyone is sick in your family we ask that you choose through pictures or videos. We must know at least 3 days prior to puppy choosing day to arrange this when it’s your turn.

I know this might sound like a lot, we really wanted to go back to choosing in person and have done a lot of talking and investigating how to do this safely and these are the measures we have come up with.

Thank you for understanding and helping us to ensure your family and others get to choose in person again. We spend countless hours and dedicate our families time to ensure your family brings home a healthy well socialized new family member.