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Ericasdoodles guarantees that at the time of delivery, the dog is in good health. The buyer has Three (3) days from the time of receipt of dog to have the dog examined by a veterinarian. Any request to return the dog to the seller for a full refund must be made within this time period and only be requested should the dog prove to be sick upon arrival having life threaten Illness Which means puppy will die!!. This guarantee will be terminated immediately if the dog is not examined within the allotted time. A warranty against all life altering genetic disease is provided for three year health guarantee if fed Lifesabundance food or a two year health guarantee if fed a different dog food!  Should a genetic disease be discovered during this time that will greatly shorten the life of, or greatly alter the quality of life of the dog, Labradoodle will provide the buyer with a dog from another litter. Also all of our  puppies must be fixed by the age of 5 to 6 months. Documentation must be sent to Erica’s Doodles. If  documentation is not sent to us you will owe Erica’s Doodles $ 40,000 Dollars for a breeding dog!

A warranty for Hip Dysphasia is provided for two years after the date of birth. This warranty will be terminated should the dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints be overstressed at any point during the warranty period. If any hip problems are noticed, have your vet submit your dog’s x-ray to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for their evaluation and send us a copy of the report. Should the dog be found to having crippling Hip Dysphasia, within its first two years, the buyer must provide Labradoodle, Goldendoodle with proof. We reserve the right to confirm the results before a replacement. If the dog has full breeding rights we provide a different warranty.is provided.

The buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation, internal and external parasites, and preventative medication. Veterinary records must be provided to the breeder if requesting a replacement. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, health warranty will be void.

Deposit and Payment:
Deposits are non-refundable. Erica’s Doodles reserves the right to first pick out of any litter, for our breeding program. First come, first serve, first deposit gets the first pick of the litter, second deposit gets second pick and so on. Final picks must be chosen by or before the week the puppies turn 5 weeks old. We require that the puppy is paid in full at the 7th week. We do occasionally sell our puppies to breeders. If you are interested in breeding rights please contact us!! If you are purchasing a pet, Which means No breeding rights.

When shipping is required, it is the buyer’s expense. All puppies will have first shot, wormed, and will be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate if being shipped by air. Shipping fees include: airfare, shipping crate, health certificate, and travel to the Airport, a 1 hour drive each way. Also, we offer a puppy nanny if requested. This means a nanny will be with your new puppy on the flight and meet you at the airport upon pick up. If a puppy must be returned all shipping and transportation costs are at the expense of the buyer We also have a nanny service available. The buyer agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and to properly train and care for the dog. The breeder strongly recommends permanent identification by tattoo or microchip. Breeder gives permission to be listed as an alternate in the contract or microchip registration information. Under no circumstances shall Ericasdoodles be liable to the buyer or to any third party for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in a manner related to the dog. Upon receipt of puppy, all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer. We have taken steps to ensure that your new puppy is healthy. Your puppy has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness intelligence and good temperament. Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here. Please take the shot record we provide to your veterinarian. It is very important to continue the vaccinations and worming schedule for your puppy and don’t forget annual boosters after that, the puppy will need follow-up vaccination, worming, flea control, rabies vaccination and heartworm prevention as recommended by your vet. The dog must be owned by the original owner and must have your contract of sale. As the Breeder/Seller, I certify that the dog/puppy is free from illness and defects, We do not cover treated illness includes coccidia and giardiasis. We do the best to prevent this but sometimes it happens.

Please read thoroughly.
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