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Erica's Doodles
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 by Monica Berton-Cherniawski

We have been fortunate indeed with both of our sweet doodles. Cody is a mini-Aussie Lab-Doodle and is 7 y/o & our newest sweet girl, Jessie is an 11 week old mini-golden-doodle! They both have the sweetest temperament! Erica has been amazing to work with! She is kind, generous with her vast knowledge . She checks up on her adopted babies to make sure everything is going ok and to answer any questions. I highly recommend Erica! Her babies are well taken care of and very loved !

 by Erica Helchen

You will bring home the love of your life through Erica's Doodles! Our girl, Lucy, is now five years old and we wouldn't know what to do without her. She was potty-trained by 11 weeks using a bell on the door. She is so loving and playful and very smart. She loves all people and animals. I think Erica's kids being able to play with the puppies made her so social. I wouldn't get a Doodle anywhere else!!

 by Sam Lacsam

BEST BREEDER!!!! LOOK NO FURTHER!! Ericas doodles is exceptional breeder I called Erica at 1 AM in the morning and she answered her phone because my dog got into some chocolate and I was very concerned that he could die. What breeder will pick up the phone at 1 AM and sit on the phone with you until we arrived at the vet. Erica is truly an amazing breeder. She goes way above as a breeder to insure that you get a healthy pet. All of her dogs are health tested. My friend has a dog from her and the dog is going to be 14 years Mia still acts like a puppy and loves to play and she is the best around children. We are actually on the waiting list to get another one from Erica . We are going to get a standard Bernedoodle this winter we are very excited about our new addition Teddy is going to have a little sister soon.

 by Mini Golden Doodle

Our Mini Golden Doodle is about 4 months now, and he is amazing. First, the process was great, easy and Erica really cares not only about these puppies but also ensuring you have a great experience. Always available to answer any questions, pictures of the puppies as you wait for them to be ready to go home. Second, the support of picking up is great and timely. Third, the support after your puppy is home also reaffirms the level of care for the well-being of your new family member. Great experience.

 by Susan Nielsen

Our Medium Red Tuxedo Golden Doodle Ruby will be 1 year old in 3 days. I can't even begin to explain how amazing the journey has been from the day we first randomly reached out to Erica. Ruby is an AMAZING dog, she is smart, wants to please, good tempered, and absolutely adored by EVERYONE that meets her and she interacts with dozens of people daily.

Adding another member of the family is a huge decision and I cannot recommend Erica more highly. I can personally tell you that it is clearly obvious that great care went into bringing Ruby into this world. I don't know anything about breeding, but our family has been interacting with Erica prior to picking up Ruby and even until this day. It is simply amazing the care, pride, and love that Erica (and her entire family) puts into bringing amazing furry friends into this world. She cares for her "babies" prior to finding families for them and throughout their growth.

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your family, I know Erica will be attentive to your needs and find the perfect fit (as she did for us). Chances are Erica will become an addition to your family as well. She is always attentive to your needs and is always looking out for the best interest of her beautiful puppies, before during and after they find their new homes.

 by Denise Matuzak

We brought our shepadoodle home in September of 2021 and we just love him. He is so smart, learned to alert us when he has to go potty within the first four months. He is so snuggly! It is true that he loves to rough-house with my 2 teens and me, but somehow seems to know to tone it down when he's around my elderly father. Thank you, Erica.

 by Rachel Stoughton

We are in love with our double doodle. He is an amazing addition to our family! He has such an amazing temperament and is SUCH a good puppy! Erica was so wonderful in helping us to create this Christmas surprise for our children!

 by Michelle Rodriguez

We brought home sweet Paisley in December 2022. Erica was awesome answering questions before and after we brought her home. Paisley is awesome. We highly recommend Erica if you are looking for a Doodle!!

 by Ronna Farrell

We picked up our sheepadoodle Layney on Oct 2 after we seen an add for a discount price on certain dogs that were left from a liter thank goodness for us we found the sweetest girl! We have a golden doodle that 8 and have been back and forth on a puppy for awhile and so glad we found our Layney . We can’t believe how sweet and smart Erica’s doodles are. She slept through the night the first night loves the kids and other dogs! Thanks so much Erica’s Doodles for the best puppy!

 by Cindy Smith

Our Rocky (rockotaco, rockadoodle) came from Erica’s Doodles. I’ve had 9 dogs in my lifetime and he’s by far the smartest, sweetest, quirkiest, most lovable and well behaved guy I’ve ever encountered. My friend got her Australian Labradoodle from Erica because she loved our Rocky so much and her dog Tosha is equally as amazing!!! I highly recommend Ericas dogs if you are looking for cute & sweet!! Great with people (actually he thinks he’s a people) and we are so grateful. I will only buy a mini ALD from Erica if/when I decide to get another.

 by Natalie Belloff

My family got both of our ADORABLE dogs from Erica. They are both very sweet and bring us so much joy. We highly recommend using Erica as your breeder.

 by Vanessa Pollock

Our F1B Sheepadoodle, Marcia, is an absolutely amazing dog! Her personality is exceptional. She is very loving, smart and easy to train. We are over the moon happy with the dog we received. She is 10 months old and we feel very fortunate to have selected Erica as our breeder and Marcia as our dog. ????

 by Lauren Martin

We just brought our double doodle home 2 weeks ago and we are in love! Erica was wonderful to work with and always responded quickly and made sure all our questions were answered. We have a very healthy and beautiful addition to our family. I highly recommend Erica’s doodles.

 by Sarah Piskor

We got our puppy from Erica in December of 2021. We had a great experience working with Erica all the way around. She kept us updated on the puppies when they were born and as they grew. She answered all my questions throughout that time. We had our deposit down on a different litter ready a few weeks after our puppy but when we saw Ruby was still available from her litter, I texted Erica that we want her. She was more than happy to switch our deposit to the new puppy and she called me that day to discuss everything. We picked her up a couple weeks later. We have a beautiful red mini doodle doodle. She was very easy to train and fits right into our family.

 by Suzanne Pierce Coggins

Erica has the best puppies ever, they are as sweet as can be! We got Mary Lou are Australian labradoodle 7 years ago in May 2015. She has been such a beautiful dog. We returned this year March 2022 to get Matilda Rose are Bernedoodle. So far both have been extremely healthy, easy to potty train (especially since Erica starts training before they go home), smart, and super friendly with other dogs and people. If you're looking for a breeder who really cares about her dogs, Erica's Doodles is the breeder for you!

 by Terry

I got my male Goldendoodle Teddy 18 mos ago. He is so sweet, beautiful coloring and loves people and attention. He looks like a live teddy bear which is why my grandson named him. He loves the snow and rain .Erica was so helpful and easy to work with. Patient with questions still keep in touch today.

 by Samantha

I just wanted to thanked Erica for all the help she gave me during this journey becoming a new puppy mom. If I had questions regarding my new puppy she will answer them fast not only by text but by calling me. This journey has been amazing because of her we are super happy with our new member of our family. He’s such a amazing pup super smart he’s doing great at potty training erica did a good job. We decided to go with a F1B goldendoodle he’s just perfect. Thanks Erica for making this journey super relaxing and easy.

 by Nayia

We could not be more thankful and thrilled with our new addition Otto, picked up from Erica on March 26th. Erica helped and guided us through the whole process of being first time puppy parents. The months before the liter was born Erica was responsive and available for questions. Once they were born we were updated with pictures and videos weekly which was amazing. Otto is truly the most perfect guy and we could not be happier. Thank you Erica!

 by Haylee

I could not be any happier with my puppy Beckett! She is loving and snuggly. Erica has been a wonderful resource throughout the entire process and even after I brought home my new baby Erica has continued to check in with me to make sure that both of us are adjusting well. I have always had a dog in my family and so has my mom, however, my mom said that Beckett is by far the best puppy she has ever had. She is friendly towards other dogs, towards kids, and people. While I have always had a dog in my family Beckett is my first dog and there is a definite level of confidence knowing that I can check in not only with my vet, but with Erica as well if I have questions. I have received many compliments on my puppy and I am quick to let friends and family know where I got her. I would highly recommend Erica's doodles to anyone who was interested in a breed of dog she had. I cannot imagine my life without Beckett and in the two months I have had her she has added to my life in ways that I did not know were possible!

 by Ellen Snelling

I got an adorable mini Bernedoodle from Erica in August. He was the litter runt and needed special TLC. Erica and her team loved and cared for the pup, making sure he had everything he needed to thrive. He’s so loving and healthy. A beautiful addition to our family.

 by Al & Rosa Bruno

We picked up our puppy (Medium Goldendoodle) Lyla in April. She has been a great addition to our family. My son had an 85lb Goldendoodle and when he moved out in Jan, we felt the family was not complete without a furry friend so we purchased Lyla from Erica’s Doodles. She was great and raises top breed puppies. We get so many compliments from strangers when we take her for walks. So thankful for Erica and Lyla …. Our family is once again complete.

 by Denita

Our Layla is the most living, smart, loyal sweet baby girl. She has melted all our hearts and anyone that meets her. She amazes us everyday????

 by Al & Rosa B.

My son who had a 85lb Golden doodle recently moved out. We miss them both and felt the family wasn’t complete without a furry friend. We reserved a pup from Erica’s Doodles and received our furry family member (Lyla) in April. She has been a joy since joining the family. Erica was great throughout the process even amongst a pandemic. She answered our questions and helped guide us on what to do and not to do to raise a healthy and obedient puppy. Thank you Erica for filling our coid!

 by Mary

We love Barney our Sheepadoodle who is now 8 months old. Erica is fabulous to work with and extremely helpful even now if we have questions. Highly recommend!

 by Linda

We received our double doodle Jan 23rd and what a blessing this little guy is! Erica was super patient with all the questions and concerns I had being a first time puppy owner. My previous dog was a 4 yr old rescue! She helped me understand what was expected and sent a list of things I would need.(very helpful) She sent pics and videos of the little fella also. She talked to me personally about type of dog I wanted(color, type hair, male or female) She followed up 2 weeks later to see how we were getting along. The vet said the puppy was in great condition . I would and have recommended Ericas doodles for your new puppy!

 by Lynda J

We picked up our mini golden doodle puppy from Erica's on Dec. 11, 2019. He has been a tremendous addition to our family. It is amazing how smart he really is. At only 3 months old he is almost house broken and can sit, spin, lay down and stay on command. He is a real cuddle bug yet loves to play with his toys and fetch. We recommend Erica if you're thinking of getting a new puppy.

 by Piya K

We got our sweet little puppy from Erica and we couldn't be happier. Erica has been great through out the process- she even kept our puppy with her longer since we already had travel plans made. She was super helpful and treats her puppies with kindness and love. Highly recommend!

 by Dana and Bill Nosek

We are so delighted that we chose Erica for our puppy. Augie is a standard Golden doodle and the love of our life . Erica does a wonderful job with mothering her babies and giving them a good start . Our little bundle Of joy has turned into a beautiful seven-month-old who is so loving and well behaved . He has been so smart and loving from the day we brought him home that we could never imagine not having him . If another doodle is in our future to join Age as a playmate we would definitely contact Erica again . She shows such kindness and care for each one of her babies there is no other breeder that we would consider!

 by Deb Gillespie

We absolutely loved doing business with Erica and her doodles!!! She is so sweet and knowledgeable about her dogs and genuinley lives and loves and believes in her puppies! Our doodle is a year old now and is just precious...smart...extremely friendly... adorable and very healthy...thank you Erica for your dedication to breeding wonderful companions!!!

 by Sherry Oakey

We adopted Wrigley 1/21/18 and picked him up 1/27/18. We had not had a dog in over 20 years and I searched breeders for months. Erica came highly recommended by a service dog trainer.

I cannot begin to express how much we love Wrigley. Erica is amazing and I recommend her on every golden doodle web site I subscribe to.

Erica’s puppies are amazing, he was started on potty training and was already crate trained like who does that ERICA! She answers every email and text I have ever sent and even explained to me the difference between owning a female compared to a male which I had never ownend. She was right on point with everything she told me. He is loving and funny and georgous.

Thank you Erica for all the love and affection you give each of sweet babies. I am more then willing to be a reference to anyone considering one of Erica’s sweet babies. My only problem is I can’t own them all lol.

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